Sum of Us is a choose-your-own-adventure styled festival that has workshops catered to wellness in all of its elements. Taking place in three beautifully designed spaces, you will experience workshops led by the best facilitators and artists in the wellness industry.

Workshops are interactive and/or discussion based. You will meet people with shared interests in each class. Most classes will be approximately one hour long.

Classes start:

  • Friday after the Festival opening

  • Saturday 8 am until dark

  • Sunday 8 am until Festival closing

*Detailed descriptions and times of workshops will be coming soon.


Creative Wellness

  • Spoken Word

  • Creative Writing

  • Interactive Art

  • Vocals for Healing

  • Dancing With Different Energies

  • Draw Yourself as a Superhero

  • Poetry

  • Photography

  • Farm-To-Table Cooking Class

  • Quick Healthy Cooking (Modified to Fit All Diets)

  • Everyday Detox Foods

… and more!


Physical Wellness

  • Body Image Acceptance

  • Morning Flow Yoga

  • Sexy Flow Yoga

  • Self Defense

  • Survival Skills

  • Fitness with Self-Love and Self-Gratitude

  • Candlelit Meditation/Trance Dance

  • Gender Unicorns

  • Trans Panel, Discussion, and Awareness

  • Finding Your Sexual Style

  • Poly or Open Relationships

  • Sexuality and Chronic Illness or Pain

  • Kink

…and more!


Mental Wellness

  • Healing and Meditation

  • Activism and How to Get Involved

  • Realistic Aging

  • Intersectional Feminism

  • Activism Through Art

  • Healing Generational Trauma

  • The Line Between Cultural Appropriation and Appreciation

  • Love Yourself

  • Healthy Relationships With the Scale

  • Filtering Negative Energy From Your Space

  • Self-Love to Manage Anxiety and Depression

  • Nutrition for Healthy Relationships with Food

  • Tarot and Crystals

  • Grief & Nutrition

  • Astrology

…and more!

Please be aware that these workshops are subject to change.

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Consent Based. Optional Event.

All the way from Black Rock City’s Burning Man, this infamous womxn’s Play Party is traveling to Sum of Us Festival! Lead by members of a prominent lesbian camp at Burning Man; the party is the largest womxn’s play party that exists. A completely consent based sex positive atmosphere, the event is hosted and monitored by consent and safety monitors called Caddies available at any time during the event. BYOT (toys)!


Consent Based. Optional Event.

Also all the way from Black Rock City’s Burning Man the Group Get Off is proud to be at Sum of Us. This is a completely consent based, sex positive circle. It is lead by an experienced sex positive party leader who has led 7 annual events with upwards of sixty attendees. BYOT (toys)!