My images are a full access pass into feminine power.  I collaborate with female sex workers from all walks of life and I am in constant dialogue with them. They’re not just subjects of my photography — they’re my community. Their strength through vulnerability is my passion. We grow and change together through established trust, and that’s what I want for all women everywhere.

When I first started shooting clubs in San Francisco, I had no idea it would unfold like it has. For many, sex work is tied to all kinds of perceptual challenges, and I had to confront mine right away. This dynamically shifted the way I look at myself and my own body, not just the women I celebrate on camera. *Together we are rewriting a story about strength and grace. We’re not an invisible revolution, we’re forming a powerful new visual language that demolishes shame.*

In this series, I’m featuring strippers in everyday scenarios. More often than not, we work together intimately, in their own spaces and in mine. I have a stripper pole in my living room — every day I like to post images of myself alongside theirs. By elevating the mundane, these images edify, diversify and breathe new life into the stigmas people might have with the lives of sex workers and cross the ocean of distance we feel is between us as humans.

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