Photo by: Eleanor Preger.  Crone of Arc, Artist, Aging Realistically.

Photo by: Eleanor Preger.

Crone of Arc, Artist, Aging Realistically.


“Crone of Arc,” aka Melissa Barron, is an artist and age positive advocate specializing in redefining modern “eldering.” As a feminist, Melissa shows us that ageism is an important cog in the intersectional feminism wheel. Melissa addresses the insidious ways in which being called “old,” “dated,” “old-school,” “dinosaur,” etc.) have become almost worse than being labeled “fat” or “ugly” - since it’s impossible to “motivate out of” aging or make a “positive change” and “transform out” of the human condition and biology. Instead, she is passionate about taking back and proudly “owning” the words “old” and “crone.” Her approach is humorous, showcasing that older women are not the “serious,” “wise”, “grandmotherly” stereotypes that society makes them out to be. She is open about being a single breasted cancer survivor, and a uterus-less, ovarian-less, estrogen-less rabble-rouser.

Along with being an age positive advocate, Melissa has created several installation pieces featured at Burning Man. Some of her well known works include Crowning Glory, the Otic Oasis series in Walk–in Camping, The Man Base Pistil, The Temple 2013, and Radical Ritual. Some of her art and jewelry has been featured at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery’s 2018 exhibit “No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man.” In 2013, Melissa founded “Art for Trees” – a participant-generated initiative to replenish the wood burned at Burning Man. To date, Art for Trees has planted over 70,000 trees. Melissa shares her vast knowledge so that future generations develop a more hopeful picture of their “golden years”, intersectional feminism and environmentalism.

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