Sum of Us Festival is thrilled to have the following food trucks and vendors onsite:




Paradise City’s plant-based ice cream is a celebration of indulgence, inspired by the oldest profession.


Our bespoke flavors are crafted with decadent curiosity. With each scoop we aim to be the kind of pleasure we want to see in the world.

100% Plant-Based & Gluten-Free.

Owner Valerie Stunning (but you can call her Val), created Paradise City Creamery after a combined 20 years hustling in the restaurant & sex industries.

It is through a love of making ice cream that she lives her dream of facilitating flashy vibes, celebrating pleasure and encouraging people to put things in their mouth, slowly.





We're Tori and Vira, co-founders of Suiheart Club. Our brand is committed to real life self-care and awareness. It began as a way for us to counteract the negativity we were seeing on Instagram. The dark scroll-holes of comparisons and non-reality of social media necessitated a platform where we could express our humor, motivation and real-talk positivity. We created original art and content focused on self-love and awareness, community and daily motivation. We also work with makers to design products that inspire a more positive and self-fulfilled lifestyle. Everything is made with intention and love in the USA.



Sum of Us Festival is still looking for amazing food trucks and vendors to be part of our revolutionary vision. Please contact us if this sounds like you!